Liaison Committee

Students participate in the business of the Political Science Department through the Liaison Committee (LC). Comprising senior and junior majors, selected every September, the committee gives voice to student ideas, initiatives, and concerns–including concerns about particular faculty members in the Department.

LC members do three main kinds of work over the course of the academic year.  First, they serve as a channel of communication and student input on the curriculum, major requirements, and other issues of student concern. Second, during years when the department conducts one or more searches for new faculty members, LC members attend each candidate’s job talk, take the candidate to coffee (without department faculty around), and report to the department, formally, on their views of the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. Third, LC members take charge of organizing common events for majors during the year. This includes registration events, department colloquia, and speakers and panels of interest to majors.

Faculty Liaison 2023-24: Professor Galen Jackson

Liaison Committee for 2023-24:

Class of 2024:

    • Niko Malhotra
    • Cole Mason
    • Kiara Royer
    • Iman Shumburo

Class of 2025:

    • James Danziger
    • Edith Edwards-Mizel
    • Shoshie Hemley (fall)
    • Emmanuelle Monahan (fall)
    • Isabella Polanco
    • Taylor Rosenbloom
    • Ari Suarez (spring)

If you have ideas or concerns, please contact them.