Senior Honors Theses

Bound copies of these works are available through the Williams College Libraries.

Berman, Margot. 2022. Femininity as a Strategy on the Congressional Campaign: Analysis of Self-Presentation of Gender Stereotypes for Female Candidates in 2018 House Elections

Boutet, Madeleine. 2020. The Kids Are (Not) Alright: Examining Youth Support for Authoritarian Populism in Europe

Calle, Tania. 2020. The Politics of Latinx Illness: Investigating the Impact of Punitive State Immigration Policy Adoption and Implementation on the Health of Latinx Citizens and Documented Residents

Cortés, Bernal. 2022. Digital Architectures of the Alt-Tech: A Cross-Platform Comparison of Twitter, YouTube, Gab, Parler, and BitChute

Dominguez, Clarissa. 2022. An Examination of Progressive and Criminal Tendencies in Los Angeles’ Homelessness Policy (2015 – 2022)

Dutton, Zoe. 2019. Mobilizing the Environment: Examining the Politics of Climate Migration and its Lessons for Global Adaption

Ennis, Jackson. 2020. Attacks on Academia: Higher Education and the Culture of the Political Right in the 21st Century

Goldrosen, Nicholas. 2020. Of Pews, Polls, and Pilgrims: White Cultural Catholicism in the U.S. and Immigration Attitudes

Gollob, Sam. 2022. A Paper Tiger: How America Prepared the Afghan Security Forces to Fail

Hamdan, Jad. 2019. One Frame Per Century: Public and Elite Divergence in Conceptions of Presidential Impeachment, Executive Power, and American Institutions

Lasday, Asher. 2022. Wielding a Double-Edged Sword: German and French Management of 5G Networks’ Threat to National Security

May-Curry, Michelle. 2015. Bridged Bodies: Mixed-Race and Multicultural Amnesia

Noronha, Keegan. 2022. Dragon or Wolf: China’s “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” as a Function of its Self-Perceived Power

Onsager, Madison. 2021. Constructivism and Climate Vulnerability: Small Island Developing States at International Climate Negotiations

Orringer, Kate. 2021. The Evolution of Republican Thinking on Environmental Policy: How the Republican Party shifted from a pro-environmental stance to an anti-environmental stance and why this shift began

Pear, Alex. 2022. Assessing International Responses to the Rohingya Genocide: A Realist Explanation for Myanmar’s Impunity

Roels, Ryan. 2018. Explaining the Emergence of Female Leaders in Asia: with a focus on Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan

Tongoi, Tabitha. 2015. Ujamaa au Ukabila (Nation or Tribe):: The Divergence of Economic and Language of Instruction Policies in Kenya and Tanzania

Wolf, Samuel. 2021. From “Degenerates” to “Connoisseurs”: Homosexuality and Masculinity in the American Alt-Right