James McAllister

James McAllister
Chair and Fred Greene Third Century Professor of Political Science
Schapiro Hall Rm 230


B.A. State University of New York, Buffalo (1986)
M.A. Columbia University (1989)
Ph.D. Columbia University, Political Science (1999)

Areas of Expertise

“No Exit: America and the German Problem 1943-1954″ Cornell University Press, 2002. “The Lost Revolution: Edward Lansdale and the American Defeat in Vietnam 1964-1968,” Small Wars and Insurgencies (2003), pp.1-26. “A Fiasco of Noble Proportions: The Johnson Administration and the South Vietnamese Elections of 1967,” Pacific Historical Review (2004), pp.619-652. “The Limits of Influence in Vietnam: Great Britain, the United States, and the Diem Regime, 1959-1963,” Small Wars and Insurgencies (2006), pp.22-43. Coauthored with Ian Schulte. “Only Religions Count in Vietnam: Thich Tri Quang and the Vietnam War,” Modern Asian Studies (2007), pp.1-32. “What Can One Man Do? Nguyen Duc Thang and the Limits of Reform in South Vietnam,” Journal of Vietnam Studies (accepted for publication, forthcoming 2008).


Note: courses in gray are not offered this academic year.

PSCI 127 / LEAD 127(S)

America First?The Trump Era and the Future of World Politics

PSCI 202(F)

World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations

PSCI 242 / LEAD 242

America and the Vietnam War

PSCI 355 T / LEAD 355

American Realism: Kennan, Kissinger and the American Style of Foreign Policy

PSCI 362 T / LEAD 362

The Wilsonian Tradition in American Foreign Policy

PSCI 420 / LEAD 420

The Great Transformation: America and Europe in the 20th Century

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