Mark T. Reinhardt

Mark Reinhardt

Class of 1956 Professor of American Civilization

Schapiro Hall Rm 237
At Williams since 1989


B.A. Wesleyan University (1983)
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness (1991)

Areas of Expertise

I teach in both Political Science and American Studies.  My teaching interests range from ancient to contemporary political theory, as well as problems of democracy, public space, cultural analysis, race and slavery, visual politics, and the emerging politics of algorithmic systems.  My current research is shaped by a commitment to showing how political theory and political science can engage more fully with the visual domain, and why that matters.  Among my areas of particular interest are the ethics and politics of images and the place of visuality within the history of political thought (ancient and modern); I seek to understand contemporary technosocial transformations of imaging and our visual experience; and my work is engaged with debates about the relations between politics and aesthetics, broadly conceived.  Interwoven through my work in all these areas is a particular interest in the politics of racialization.



(not offered 2024/25)

PSCI 331 / AMST 349 / STS 349 SEM

The Politics of Algorithms (not offered 2024/25)

PSCI 374 / ARTH 526 SEM

Shadows of Plato's Cave: Image, Screen, and Spectacle (not offered 2024/25)


What Should Political Theory Be Now? (not offered 2024/25)

Scholarship/Creative Work

Book in Progress:  

Spectacular Theory:  Visual Politics from Plato’s Cave to Drone Warfare (Working Title)  

Published Books:

Radical Future Pasts:  Untimely Essays in Political Theory, University of Kentucky Press (2014), Coles, Reinhardt, Shulman, eds.

Who Speaks for Margaret Garner?, University of Minnesota Press (2010)

Beautiful Suffering: Photography and the Traffic in Pain, University of Chicago Press (2007), Reinhardt, Edwards, Duganne, eds.

Kara Walker: Narratives of a Negress, MIT Press (2003), Berry, English, Patterson, and Reinhardt, eds.

The Art of Being Free: Taking Liberties with Tocqueville, Marx, and Arendt, Cornell University Press (1997)

Articles, Chapters, and Review Essays

“Spectacle, Surveillance, and the Ironies of Visual Politics in the Age of Autonomous Images,” Political Theory 51, no. 5 (2023): 814-842.

“The Cave of Images: Understanding Visual Politics in and through Plato’s Republic,” Theory & Event, 25, no. 2  (2022): 238-274.

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“Vision’s Unseen:  On Sovereignty, Race, and the Optical Unconscious,” Theory & Event 18, no. 4 (October 2015).
Republished in Photography and the Optical Unconscious, Shawn Michelle Smith and Sharon Sliwinski, eds., Duke University Press (2017), 174-222.

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