Ngonidzashe Munemo

Ngonidzashe Munemo

Areas of Expertise

Comparative Politics, Contemporary African Politics, Famine Studies, Political Development, Political Economy, Political Violence, Democratization and Institution Building, Higher Education in Post-Colonial Africa

Scholarship/Creative Work

With Adrienne LeBas, “Elite Conflict, Compromise, and Enduring Authoritarianism: Two Episodes of Polarization in Zimbabwe, 1980 to 2008,” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 681:1 (Jan. 2019), p. 209-226.

Stephen Chan and Julia Gallagher, Why Mugabe Won: The 2013 elections in Zimbabwe and their aftermath. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). In Africa, 88:3, (2018), p. 624-626. Book review

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Domestic Politics and Drought Relief in Africa: Explaining Choices  (Boulder & London: First Forum Press, 2012).

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“Social Protection in Post-Crisis Zimbabwe: Challenges and Priorities for Reform,” in Dr. Admos Chimhowu ed. Moving Forward in Zimbabwe – Reducing Poverty and Promoting Growth. (Manchester, U.K.: Brooks World Poverty Institute, The University of Manchester 2009)

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