Beyond the Classroom

Political science faculty and majors, others in political science classes, and students of other majors interested in political questions together pursue a variety of activities beyond the classroom. Below is a partial list of ongoing activities in which political science students participate, most of which were started, and are sustained, on student initiative. We are often open to new ideas.

Liaison Committee

Each year, political science students elect five junior and five senior majors to represent student interests in the Political Science Department. Liaison Committee members participate in department meetings and in the selection of new faculty, as well as sponsor presentations and initiate departmental events.


The ’68 Center for Career Exploration has collected a great deal of information on summer internships, both paid and unpaid. Williams College also grants Mead internships, to approximately ten students annually, to enable students to pursue work in the public interest. Depending on the student’s resources, the Mead Committee provides a grant or loan to help support the student through the summer.

Winter Study Trips

Occasionally, a member of the Political Science Department will sponsor a winter study course in a foreign country. This is a rare opportunity for students to experience true international politics abroad.

Gaudino Forum

The Gaudino Forum, funded by money from the Robert L. Gaudino Memorial Fund, allows faculty and students a forum to discuss important public issues which can’t be covered in class. It helps to foster political dialogue within the community, on issues which range from campus crises to international strife.


The freedom of the press has always been one of the foundations for a community of open discourse. The Williams Record contains editorials on both sides of various political issues and comes out weekly. The Mad Cow is a campus humor magazine that often contains political satire.