Senior Honors Theses

Bound copies of these works are available through the Williams College Libraries.

Abel, Jason. 1998. Democratic Delusions: the Failure of Democratic Peace Theory.

Aborn, Lyn. 1996. American Civic Nationalism and the Enola Gay Controversy.

Abrego, Jennifer Annaliis. 2001. Arshemdgari (That Which Failed in the Process of Becoming): A Study of Democratization in Georgia.

Agraharkar, Vishal. 2005. Political Incentives and Hindu-Muslim Violence: a Study of Hyderabad, India.

Altschuller, Sarah. 1997. Transnational Labor Union Mobilization in Southern Africa.

Bonsey, Noah. 2007. The Cedar Stalemate: Lebanon, from Rafiq Hariri to the Brink of Civil War.

Braxton, Rizvana. 2004. Sensing the Limit: Towards a Theory of the Political in Postcolonial Critique.

Brittain, Anna. 2004. Sustainable, Ecologically Sound, Capitalist Development… a Contradiction in Terms?

Carey, Jason. 1996. Genetic Technology and Constitutional Law.

Chow, Jonathan. 2003. “After the Sweetness:” Assessing Norm Adherence and Identity Formation in ASEAN Security Cooperation, 2003.

Cook, Zachary. 1996. Cybersmut, Virtual Communities, and the Marketplace of Ideas.

Cordova, Alan. 2006. Democratization in Central Asia: the Challenge to American Institutionalism.

Crowe, Justin. 2003. In the Wake of Carolene Products: Judicial Activism in the Modern Supreme Court.

DeNicola, Christopher. 2005. Dubai’s Political and Economic Development: an Oasis in the Desert?

Doran, Marissa. 2005. ‘Pulling Teeth’: Energy and Crisis in the Carter Era.

Doe, Catherine. 2001. From Persecutor to Protector? Inconsistent Justice in U.S. Policy Concerning Sexual Orientation in Asylum and Domestic Law.

Earn, Seth. 2001. The Challenge of Collective Rights in Liberal Democracies: Envisioning an Engaged Citizenship.

Eisler, Jacob. 2004. It’s an Overly Material World: the Transformation and Limitation of Political Freedom in Consumerist Society.

Eldert, Thomas. 1997. Opening the Green Box: the Norwegian Response to Transboundary Sulfur Pollution.

Emerson, Blake. 2007. The Twilled Threads of Selfhood: Hume, Hegel, and the Texture of Political Reason.

English, Ashley. 2004. Title IX: Why Sports? The Congressional Debate about Gender Roles and Discrimination in Academics and Athletics.

Fairhurst, Michael. 2007. A Theoretical Examination of Constitutional Theory, Constitutional Interpretation, and Foreign Law.

Falcon, Lesley Reith. 2001. “V”ictory: The Influence of the Visitante Extranjero on the Internal Democratization of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

Fassler, Kim. 2006. Olympic Effects in China? A Comparative Study of Mexico City and Seoul, with Implications for Beijing.

Feve, Sabrina. 1997. Model Home, Modern Nation: Political Uses of Consumption and the American Home in America’s National Narrative.

Fraser, Fran-Fredane. 2005. The Paradox of Building Democracy in Russia.

Fried, Hannah. 2004. Battling for Big Horn: the Shoshone Nation of Wind, America, and the Big Horn River Cases.

Gaikwad, Nikhar. 2006. From Grassroots to Business Suits: How AIDS Captured the Corporate World.

Gallagher, Joseph. 2003. The Small Arms Dynamic, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kalashnikov.

Grashkina, Alexandra. 2004. Harry Potter and the Neem Tree: Protecting Traditional Knowledge under Intellectual Property Rights.

Gutmann, Matthew. 2000. The Role of Interests, Norms and Institutions in Turkish-Israeli Alliance Behavior.

Hobel, Mark. 2005. ‘An Illusion of Freedom’: Roger Hilsman’s Vietnam, 1961-1963.

Ismail, Mishkah. 1999. Order Out of Chaos: An Assessment of US Refugee Policy in Light of Gender Persecution.

Kasal, N. Eylul. 2007. Anti-Americanism in Turkey: Turkish opinion of America since the Invasion of Iraq.

Konetsvoska, Theodora. 2001. Accountability of International Governmental Organizations to Their Member States.

Lee, Elizabeth. 2001. Identity and Political Obligation: A Case Study of the Korean-Chinese in the Varbian Autonomous Prefecture, China.

Leibler, Jessica. 2001. The Sealords Controversy: Reconstructing Maori Politics and Biculturalism in Post-Colonial New Zealand

Leone, Alexander. 2003. Perceptions and Progress: Sino-American Relations under Kennedy and Johnson.

Lovaas, Jessica. 2006. The Effects of Multinational Corporations on Democratization and Consolidation: a Study of South Africa.

Maglio, Emily. 2004. A Right of Some Kind: An Approach to American Indian Politics.

Marcovici, Bryan. 2003. Disturbing the Peace: Understanding Hamas as a Rational Actor in the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

Matsuoka, Andrea. 2004. Opportunity and Transnational Agency: the Development of the International Criminal Court.

McCague, Anna-Binney. 2003. An Acceptable Level of Violence: Language and the Growth of Violence during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

McConnell, Porter. 2000. From Public Housing to Picket Fences: Park Du Valle and Urban Reutilization in Louisville.

Moro, Anastasia. 2004. Jihad in the Caucasus: Assessing the Role of Radical Islam in the Chechen Conflict.

Murphy, Stacey. 1996. Virtual Futures: Contending Metaphors for Cyberspace.

Oakman, Jonathan. 1998. Determinants of German Policy Toward NATO.

O’Donnell, Catherine. 2003. Constructed Confusion: The European Union’s Sovereignty Game. Orgeman, Teague. 2003.Constitutional Phoenix: the Equal Protection Clause and the Zone of Equality.

Paquette, Kirsten. 1997. Editing the History Books: the Political Life of Victoria Woodhull, 1868-1876.

Patentas, Angelo. 1999. International Pressures and Domestic Constraints in Greece’s Policy toward Cyprus.

Paul, Ruxandra. 2006. The More, the Merrier? The Effects of EU Enlargement on European Integration.

Perelli, Brienna. 1996. Fertility Determinants in the Urban Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pierce, Yariv. 2006. Inspiring Transition: Local NGO Facilitation of Civil Liberties in Newly Independent States.

Phillips, Victoria. 2001. The Ethics and Pragmatics of HIV Vaccine Research

Purkiss, Kim. 1996. The Tarnished “Golden Door.”

Rao, Arathi. 2006. Self-determination, the Trusteeship Council, and the Emergence of UN Democracy-Promotion.

Riskin, David. 2004. Of Strength and Authority: New Modes of Power in a Transformed International System.

Roland, Nathaniel. 1999. Perfectionism, Personal Autonomy, and Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Rubenstein, Jennifer. 1996. Conflict and Democracy in Williston, Vermont: Pyramid Mall, Walmart, and the Future of Discussion.

Sage, Tyler. 1996. Suffrage and American Democracy.

Saltiel, David. 1998. Die Nation ohne Eigenschaften: Making Sense of Contemporary National Identity in Austria.

Scherer, Matthew. 2000. Moses and Achilles.

Schwanke, Sara. 2003. German Turks/Turkish Germans: The Challenges of Integrating Germany’s Largest Ethnic Minority.

Shakir, Shirin. 2003. “Surrender Monkeys” and “Conquer Monkeys:” The Role of Strategic Culture in French-American Relations.

Singer, Gordon. 1996. American Policy Regarding the Status of Jerusalem under the Clinton Administration.

Stiefler, Todd. 2000. Operation Restore Focus: Filling The Vacuums in American Grand Strategy and Military Doctrine.

Thun, Christopher. 1996. The Construction of Russia’s National Identity.

Veytsel, Alexander. 2000. Self-Ownership as a Discovery Procedure: How to Benefit from a Pluralistic Society’s Diversity.

Walke, Peter. 2003. Hizb’allah’s Post-withdrawal Strategy and Its Choice.

Warren, Cathy. 1999. “Some Tea and Policy:” Hillary Rodham Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the New York Times.

Wikelius, Kristin. 2001. My Governor Can Beat Up Your Governor: A Study of Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura

Williamson, Abigail. 1998. The New AFL-CIO: Constructing a Representative Voice for Working America.

Wyne, Aamir. 2003. Khatami’s Accident: Tension, Resolution, and the Potential of Pluralism Within Iran.